Four Unique Places You Can Visit In Tallahassee Florida

If you did not know, Tallahassee is a city in Florida that is actually the state capital of. It is not as popular as places like Fort Lauderdale, the Florida Keys, or Miami. There are many reasons to visit that have more to do with getting back to nature and visiting a place that is moving at a much slower pace. For those that visit once, they are often wondering when they will be able to go back again because of the many wonderful attractions that it has to offer.

What Can You Do In Tallahassee While You Visit?

When you visit this city, you are in close proximity to several different fun filled places. For example, you are on the border of Georgia, and very close to Alabama. This would give you the ability to travel north and see places like Birmingham and Atlanta. However, you will want to participate in the many activities that are available in the city long before you ever decide to move on these new destinations.

4 Places To Visit In Tallahassee

If you or your family like to participate in areas where there are railroads, you should consider visiting the Tallahassee-St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail. From there, you can head over to the Apalachicola National Forest to do a little bit of hiking. Another natural area to visit is the Lake Ella & Fred Drake Park where you can see beautiful waterways and trees. Finally, you might want to take advantage of St. Marks lighthouse to the south giving you your first glimpse of the Gulf of Mexico.

Two Other Places To Visit

Two other places that you should visit include the Tallahassee antique car Museum. You will get to see so many different vehicles. Finally, if you do have kids, go to Cascades Park which is a wonderful place to spend time. It will allow your children to have a blast while they are traveling with you.

There are quite a few other attractions that you can experience. For example, there are tours of the city. This is what many people like to do when they go to a brand-new city. They allow a guide to show them around. They can learn about the history of the city they are in, and find great places to have fun and get great food. All of this is available for you if you decide to visit Tallahassee, a beautiful city in the north west portion of Florida.